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How long does it take to perform a backup using Backup Express?
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Your first backup will take the longest, since all of your selected data needs to be uploaded. We advise that you should not attempt to configure a backup schedule until you have completed your first full backup.

It is useful to perform some rough calculations to determine how long the first backup might take.

  1. Check the size of your backup set. The Backup Express software will show you this after you have made your selections.
  2. Ascertain the UPLOAD speed of your internet connection. Most broadband technologies will specify a DOWNLOAD speed (data coming into your office Web Browsing etc) and an UPLOAD speed (data leaving your office outgoing email and Backup Expresss). For example, an ADSL service labeled 1500/256 has a download speed of 1500kbps and an upload speed of 256kbps.

Here is a rough guide to help you determine the quantity of data you can upload at various speeds:

Upload speed

Per Hour


 (5pm 8am)

Per Day

(24 hours)


(5pm Friday 8am Monday)

Per Week

(7 days)

33kbps (dial-up modem)

12 MBytes

170 MBytes

288 MByte

700 MBytes

2 GBytes

64kbps (low-end ADSL)

23 MBytes

325 MBytes

550 MBytes

1.4 GBytes

4 GBytes

128kbps (ADSL and cable)

46 MBytes

650 MBytes

1.1 GBytes

2.8 GBytes

8 GBytes

256kbps (ADSL)

92 MBytes

1.3 GBytes

2.2 GBytes

5.5 GBytes

16 GBytes

512kbps (ADSL)

184 MBytes

2.6 GBytes

4.4 GBytes

11 GBytes

32 GBytes

1Mbps (ADSL-2 and SHDSL)

368 MBytes

5 GBytes

8.8 GBytes

22 GBytes

64 GBytes

2Mbps (SHDSL)

786 MBytes

10 GBytes


44 GBytes

128 GBytes

You can pause and resume this backup at any time. Very often you will find that you can allow the backup to continue throughout the working day without adversely affecting the internet speed perceived by your users.

Your second backup will be considerably faster than the first, since it will transfer only files added or changed since the first backup.

The third and subsequent backups will be very fast as the benefits of FastBIT compression take effect. If subsequent backups are performed nightly you can expect them to take between 5 to 30 minutes in most cases.

Fo more detail on FastBIT compression see this article:

Last update: 11:44 AM Thursday, November 8, 2007

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