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How much storage space do I need to purchase?
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Start by calculating the amount of data you want to backup. You can do this by either using Windows Explorer to find the sizes of the relevant files and folders, or by installing the Backup Express software and making your file selections. The software will then report the total size.

The first full backup will usually require less space than the sum of your files, due to the compression built into the system. Typically the first full backup will require approx 50% to 75% of your total data size.

In the longer term, to ensure that you have enough space for storing previous versions, we recommend that you purchase approximately double the space that you calculated above. Users who select a long (6 month) Restore Window and who make large changes to files very frequently may find they need more space, perhaps up to 3 times the amount that you calculated above.

This is only a rough rule, and remember that you can easily increase your allocated space at any time, so donít feel pressured into buying more space than you need.

Last update: 01:27 PM Monday, November 14, 2005

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