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How will Backup Express affect the billing from my ISP?
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Some internet connections include unlimted data transfers, whereas others are billed according to data usage. Check this with your ISP. 

Most ISPs charge according to downloaded data only , so uploaded data is free. In this case you will pay nothing to the ISP for the data uploaded to our server.  Some ISPs will bill you for uploaded data if it exceeds a certain percentage of the downloaded data.

In any case, most modern broadband plans include very generous data allowances, so in most cases this will not be a problem.

NB – At the time of writing, we are aware that Australia’s Bigpond charges for uploaded data on all of their metered plans, so if you use Bigpond you might want to consider switching to an unlimited data plan to avoid an unpleasant surprise on your next bill. This is true also for many wireless broadband services.

Last update: 07:22 PM Tuesday, November 15, 2005

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