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How much will Backup Express cost me?
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A small fraction of the cost of replacing your data !

Seriously, the pricing is designed to be attractive to both small and large businesses. Pricing is based on the amount of storage space allocated to you on the Backup Express servers, and is charged to you monthly (or annually at your request).

We offer a number of plans with varying amounts of server storage space. So you can choose a plan to suit your needs. A small one-man business may be able to get by with the smallest plan. Larger organizations can purchase as much space as they need. Our servers have plenty of space for everyone !

You can change plans at any time so your Backup Express service can grow with you.

Your monthly bill from us is not affected by the amount of data you transfer, or the frequency with which you perform backups.

Most ISPs will not charge you for the upload data that you send to us, but some do, depending on your plan, so you need to check this out.  See this article for more information:

Last update: 04:38 PM Friday, November 6, 2009

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