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Using Windows Task Scheduler instead of the Backup Express Scheduler
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Backup Express comes with its own built-in job scheduler which is very flexible which should meet the needs of the majority of our Backup Express users.

Please Note:

As of Version 11 of the Backup Express client we no longer recommend using the Windows Scheduler over the Backup Express built-in job scheduler.  This information is provided only for experienced System Administrators who need specific functionality only provided by the Windows Scheduler.

Running Backup Express from the Windows Scheduler can be acheived through the "BECmd.exe" program.  If installed into the default location you will find the utility in the c:\Program Files\Backup Express\Backup Express Backup Client\ directory.

The command takes the following arguments:
BECmd.exe [-h] -s [Script location]

-h This option will hide the console when the script runs

e.g.: BECmd -s 'c:\file location\backup.nbk'

The backup script is generally located in the My Documents\Backup Client\Scripts\Backup directory of the user who created the backup set.  Alternatively the backup script may be located in either C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Backup Express\Backup Express Backup Client\Scripts\Backup on Windows XP/2003 Server or C:\ProgramData\Backup Express\Backup Express Backup Client\Scripts\Backup in Windows Vista/7/2008 Server.

The command requires to be run as an Administrator and needs elevated privileges in Windows Vista/7/2008 Server.

Last update: 05:58 PM Monday, November 16, 2009

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