• No setup fee, No minimum contract term.
  • All new accounts include a 14 days free trial.
  • FREE installation assistance and technical support via email or phone.
  • Upgrade your account easily at any time.
  • Pay by the month, or pay annually in advance and get one month free.
  • Easily share a single backup account between multiple computers.
Plan Name
Cost per month
Server Storage
ExpressValue 19
10 GByte
ExpressValue 29
15 GByte
ExpressValue 39
25 GByte
ExpressValue 59
50 GByte
ExpressValue 89
100 GByte
ExpressValue 129
250 GByte
ExpressValue 199
500 GByte
ExpressValue 249
750 GByte
ExpressValue 299
1000 GByte

Note: Each account is licensed to serve one computer. Backing up multiple computers or network shares requires additional computer licenses.

Options :

Optional - Additional computer license


Add Local Backup functionality - backup to Tape, Disk, NAS or CD/DVD, Includes Disaster Recovery


Recovery DVDs:

Your entire backed-up store of data is transferred onto Dual-layer DVD(s) and shipped to your office. Suitable for restoring larger data volumes, and useful for archiving. Allow 2-3 days for delivery.

Dual layer (8.5GByte) first disk
additional disks


Rapid Recovery:

For restoring a large volume of data, e.g. following a major server crash or a fire. Your entire backed-up store of data is transferred onto a portable USB-2 hard drive and shipped directly from our DataCentre to your office, via overnight courier.

Rapid Recovery Disk

Hardware deposit, refundable upon return of portable hard drive


Prices are subject to change without notice.

All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST.

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